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First Dental Visit

Going to the dentist can be an unsettling experience for both children and adults, but it doesn’t have to be.  At Indianola Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to make your first visit a positive one! 

Following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we encourage children to be seen at the age of one.  By starting dental care at such a formative age, children are introduced to regular dental office visits and quickly become comfortable in the dental setting.  Moreover, children who are seen at a younger age statistically have a lower risk of developing cavities as they grow.

We know that you, as a parent, want your child’s dental visit to be enjoyable and upbeat.  For older children, we recommend that you briefly discuss what to expect at the first dental visit.  Let your child know that Dr. Fox and her staff will explain everything they are doing, step-by-step, and will demonstrate it before they proceed.  We use kid-friendly phrases including, ‘counting teeth,’ ‘taking pictures of teeth,’ and ‘tickling teeth.’  We strongly recommend parents avoid using any negative terms that may cause a child to become fearful or scared, including ‘needle,’ ‘shot,’ or ‘drill.’

What happens at the first visit:

  •  You and your child will be given a brief tour of the office and will be introduced to the staff. 

  • Children will then be encouraged to sit in the ‘big kid’ dental chair for their exam which we describe as ‘tooth counting.’ For some children, the exam may be more easily tolerated by sitting in a parent’s lap.

  • After the exam, if Dr. Fox determines x-rays are necessary, we will then ‘take pictures of their teeth.’  As a pediatric dental office, we have x-ray equipment of all shapes and sizes, so we are able to get x-rays in even the littlest mouths!  We also have a very talented staff with years of experience taking x-rays on children, so they know exactly how to make the process quick and easy.

  • Finally, your child will have their teeth cleaned, which can feel ‘ticklish’ to little ones.  At the end of the visit, Dr. Fox will go over all preventive and treatment recommendations with you, and your child will be escorted to the prize machines for a well-deserved treat!

  • We customize each dental appointment to your child and will work with your child to keep them comfortable throughout their visit. 

Thank you for considering our office. We would love the opportunity to meet you and your child!

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